Jun 13, 2011

a series of photos

all clothing thrifted, dollhouse boots

I might now do a lot of talking.. sometimes I think a photo can tell you all you need to know but here is a proper introduction. As a kid I was fortunate to be able to explore my creativity. I would spend hours drawing when I was young but grew to love painting when I was in high school. I have been really busy in college and haven't had time or the space to paint so I needed a new creative outlet and began buying clothes every time I got paid (no I am not a prostitute.. I work in retail). I spend hours in a thrift store going through almost every single piece of clothing. That feeling you get when pick up something like this sweater and image the different outfits... that is addicting. Some of my creativity is expressed through my style. My style changes everyday because to create art you must use different ideas and techniques.

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