Jul 8, 2011

yo yo yo

I have been taking a hiatus. Trying to enjoy the cali summer before I go to Alabama. I am excited but at the same time feel a little at uneasy because I have been enjoying cali so much. Anyway I will start posting again next week and am excited to show you some of my outfits because things are only going to get better from there. Shit is about to pop off.. lol

P.S. Here is a little story I want to share

The Normal Hand Opens & Closes

A devotee told Chan Master Moxian, "My wife is extremely stingy. She will not spend even a penny on charity. Could you please come to my house and talk to her about engaging in benevolent deeds?" Very compassionately, Chan Master Moxian agreed.
The next day, when he went to the devotee's house, the wife came out to receive him. True to her miserly nature, she did not even offer Chan Master Moxian a cup of tea. Chan Master sat down and held out his fist, asking, "Madame, look at my hand. What would you think if my hand remained constantly in a fist?" The wife responded, "If it remained in a fist, then your hand is deformed! Something must be wrong with it."
Chan Master repeated her words back to her, saying, "It is deformed!" In the meantime, he opened up his fist and held out a flat palm to her, asking, "Were it like this all the time, what do you think?" The wife responded, "That would be deformed too!"
Seizing this opportunity, Chan Master immediately came to the point, saying, "Madame, you are right! A constant closed fist and a constant opened palm are both deformed. It is the same with the way we use money. If we are always close-fisted, only concerned about getting more money, but never consider giving, we are deformed. If we are always open-handed, only thinking about spending but not saving, we are deformed as well. Money should flow like a smooth current. When it comes in, it should flow out too. There should be a balance in your receiving and giving."

Be back soon!

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