Aug 13, 2011

legs covered

mom's vintage pants
j. crew sweater
diy shirt
target wedges 
thrifted purse
2 more days and then I am leaving Cali and heading to the hot and humid weather of Alabama so I am trying to wear all my favorite pants before I leave. I love these pants to death but don't wear them that often because they are wool. Anyway I threw them on today and wanted to pair them with something navy. My color palette will def be changing since my hair is red now. I think blue is going to become my favorite color. This navy zip sweater went perfectly with the yellow. I wanted to add another top underneath the sweater because I hate wearing this sweater with the zippers closed (I bought it for a reason) I threw my diy shredded shirt underneath. What happened to the hype with the shredded shirts? I think people probably got tired of making them -____-  I wish didn't take so long to make because I want a couple more

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