Aug 15, 2011

red beans

thrifted top
thrifted skirt
american apparel cardigan
gifted bag
jeffrey campbell shoes

Tomorrow I will be heading down to Alabama. Ahhhh I don't think it will be to much of a culture shock because I have visited plenty of time but man from the Bay Area to the south. I am excited though... with the change in pace I will be able to focus on my art and some of my projects. Anyway .. lets talk about this outfit. I love this skirt a lot so I don't know why I am constantly going back in forth on whether or not I should keep it or sell it. I think I will hold on to it for now.. I paired with a striped shirt and a oversized cardigan. When I put all of this together it reminded me of this bag. My friend got it from new mexico and actually gave it to me the other day. This bag goes perfectly with this outfit. 


  1. This outfit is on point loving your hair 2 x

  2. Your style is perfection love. What part of the bay area are you from??