Aug 21, 2011

thrifted dress
jeffrey campbell shoes
thrifted purse

When I saw this dress on the hanger at thrift town I knew it was going home with me! I love the crab and lobster print ...such a unique dress. I wore this yesterday to my school's little festival and sadly no one made any carb jokes lol... I was looking forward to the jokes. Anyway school starts tomorrow and while I am excited for classes I always struggle with what to wear to my classes. My style slightly changes when I am in school because I don't want to look inappropriate in class -___- and on top of that I am in the south. They do things a little differently out here compared to the bay area ... I guess we will see what happens.


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  2. love the print and your shoes are wicked.

    came across your blog thru Natural Belle's.

    ADORE your style, want to dive into your wardrobe.

    J x

  3. Cute style I loveeee your hair!!!