Aug 19, 2011


thrifted shirt
thrifted shorts
urban outfitters sandals
thrifted purse

It was hot ass hell today and super humid. I hate sweating and I am constantly sweating out here.. not to mention my air conditioning in my car doesn’t work and sometimes the windows don’t won’t to roll down… umm unacceptable (working on it). Short shorts and a light-weight button down will be my uniform until September  -____- gotta finds some was to spice it up. I went to a couple thrift stores today and was shocked at the conditions of the stores. The first thrift store I went into was called “Dirt Cheap” and there was trash everywhere, things falling off shelves, caution tape, and it smelled like GASOLINE lol so I left and then I went to the Goodwill and it was even a store! It had 5 large blue bins with a mixture of clothes, home decor, and other random stuff. Well the good news is I won’t been spending money out the ass on clothes and will saving up :)

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