Sep 18, 2011

afro puff face time

photos taken by me

I tried to upload a video of what I changed into during the evening but I was unsuccessful. I'll try again later or you can check out my tumblr ( warning: explicit content) and the video is up there. The lighting is horrible but it puts a voice behind the face. Anways.. I am not wearing lipstick if anyone was interested. My lips get really dry from a side effect of a medication I was on BOOOOOO so I can't wear lipstick.. they dry my lips out even more. I can't be looking crazy lol This is a lip stain from tart and you can get it from Sephora. It last all day and doesn't dry out my lips.


  1. Hello !!!! Awesome hair and I love the color of your top,it goes nicely with your skin tone! Thanks for the lovely comments on Chictopia :) !!! Is the lip stain harder to come off? Does it smudge or get all over your clothes?

  2. I can't wait until my puff gets this big! LOVE IT!!