Sep 8, 2011

bama girl

thrifted shirt

thrifted skirt
flea market necklace
steve madden heels
Sorrryyyy for such the long absence... I have finally settled down in my apartment and getting back into the flow of school. I have been here in Mobile, Alabama for 3 weeks now and itsssss growing on me kinda of. I mean I lived in the Bay Area for all my life.. no city compares. I miss the people at home, the energy, the atmospehere, EVERYTHING but you gotta experience living in different places during your life... so with that said I am taking it all in. I got a job out here at a little boutique in the mall so I am really excited about that and I haven't met any cool people yet but I am working on it. I have been enjoying the slow pace of the south and I get to spend time with the other side of my family... boring boring.. Anyway I will start posting regularly again soooooo yeaa have an awesome Thursday :)

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