Sep 29, 2011

bamboo sticks

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
thrifted skirt
urban outfitters sunnies
bakers sandals

Yesss this skirt is just fucking awesome! I bought it early this week from the goodwill.. the colors are just amazing and the length is perfect for me. I am definitely starting a collection of maxi skirts.. I mean they are just so simple and easy to style but you gotta make sure you get the right length or they can easily make you look disproportional (yes I do have this problem even though I am a giant) Anyway.. I just paired the skirt with a simple sheer black top because I wanted the main focus of this outfit to be the skirt. Hope you likeee! I have to go to work now -____- but enjoy your thursday! 


  1. lovely pics!

  2. as much as i love clothes its so hard for me to hop in a thrift store unless it was in like a market with knick knacks. i still love me a good antique store!
    ps. this is theresa!

  3. Theresa! well come to the thrift store with me.. I will show you how to shop. Hay you better be coming the music box tomorrow to hear some dubstep. be there or be square

  4. oh yeah and you working that skirt!

  5. Love Love Love your style!! Read all your past posts. Definitely bookmarking. :)

  6. I love this! Awesome! Ur hair is amazing too!