Sep 16, 2011

fairy dust

photos taken by nicola keenan and tre cole

thrifted lingerie top
thrifted dress
thrifted cardigan
handmade backpack
jeffrey campbell platforms

This is my favorite outfit so far this week. This top I have been dying to wear and I think it looks best as a layering piece. I am in love with the detailing of everything.. from the sheer blue lace, to the white buttons going all the way down my back, to the small black and white checkering. Today was the perfect day to wear this outfit because it wasn't blistering hot and humid and there was a nice breeze to catch my dress and top. I am starting to feel inspired again... I just hit a brick wall when I came out here. Summer is not my season and it was difficult transitioning from Bay Area weather, which is perfect for any type of outfit, to only being able to wear a tank top and some shorts. It's starting to cool down so I am really happy about that ... I can't wait to experience fall and the winter here. Although it gets freezing.. I love to wear layer on top of layer. My jacket/ outerwear collection is my most prized lol (the last time I counted I had 60 jackets :o )  can't wait to experiment and go SHOPPING :) 

p.s. thats my sister in the background making crazy faces.. I am going to style her and do a photo shoot soon sooo style tuned 

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  1. Wow!!!! you are fabulous!!! Loving your style more!!! Just followed ur blog too.