Sep 14, 2011

lion phase

photos taken by me

I started wearing my hair natural my freshmen year of college. I was getting perms from the 5th grade until my senior year of highschool. I have no idea why I was perming my hair because I was playing competitive basketball year around since the 3rd grade. Well I starting playing D1 ball and there was absolutely no point of trying to keep my hair straight because we practiced and worked out 5 hours everyday. I cut off 3 off inches of my hair the beginning of this year and now look at it... it has a life of its own! People are always saying I look like a lion when I wear my hair out and wear leopard print so I wanted to do a self portrait of my "lion phase." These pictures are about my hair's personality lol an it is an extension of me. I have CHANGED SOOO MUCH since highschool and my freshmen year of college. I used to be a tom boy and now I have this overwhelming feeling of  power because of my newly found femininity. 


  1. The first pic is definitely representative of a "lion" and it is by far my fav

  2. i looooooooooooove it! wow, stunning :D so fierce, raaawr

    Vonnie of

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for submitting the amazing photo on my tumblr! I'm officially in love w your blog! You're gorgeous plus your hair reminds me of mine & I can't wait for it to get as long as yours! Blessings

  4. Beautiful!! My hair is the same length and texture and I've been debating color for a minute. Totally inspired now thanks to you!! Your feminity and awareness of self is definitely evident in your personal style and expression, Roar! Woman Roar!