Sep 28, 2011

rainy day parade

photos taken by nicola keenan

unknown brand x diy shirt
brandy melvlle skirt
thrifted scarf
hourglass purse
jeffrey campbell shoes

Sooo I promised you something to stare at and here it is (hope it's staring quality) I love this outfit! I have been dying to wear this skirt since I bought it in LA over the summer. I love the fact that it is suppperrr short on one side and then drapes down... get to show off a little leg but still keeping something to the imagination. I wanted to look a little edgy so I paired it with a diy project I did awhile back. I kinda went crazy with the scissors but I love how this shirt came out. The really low back makes this shirt perfect. Everything works so well together with this outfit. I just love dressing "edgy"... especially out here in Alabama. I love to shock and scare all the old people.. definitely got a couple laughs out of it today. O yea this outfit was totally not planned very well (gotta start checking the weather in the morning) When I went to class this morning it was hot and humid and by the time of my next class it was POURINGGG RAIN! It rained like 10 inches today -____-  so I changed my outfit but earlier tonight I put my skirt on and went to the mall to take some pictures.. dedication baby, dedication lol


  1. o my! Your are simply gorgeous!!!!

  2. looovvee this! the diy shirt is perfect & that skirt... love it lol


  3. seeing this in person was totally worth it!

  4. Like your outfit over here aswell !!
    thank you for the comment on maiohwn !

    would you like to follow me aswell ?

    love, isabella