Sep 23, 2011

running through my mind like everyday

photos taken by nicola keenan

thrifted shirt
thrifted skirt
j. crew cardigan
thrifted purse

Mannn I am feeling this outfit! I mean the black and white stripes merge with the black and gold stripes.. ahhhh craziness plus the gold cardi... fucking ridiculous. I know yall have those days when you pick out your outfit and your like this is just genesis (well it's genesis to me.. don't know how you feel) This skirt was purchased at the goodwill and I am just in love, love, love. Last night I was trying to figure out what I wanted to wear to work today... I knew I wanted to pair this skirt with this gold cardi that I got from J. Crew. Mannn I miss working at J. Crew.. I have only worked for 3 different retail stores and J. Crew was my favorite. I loved my managers, I was a personal shopper, and we got bomb ass discounts. Not to mention they have the best basic pieces... like this gold cardi. It's super light weight and is sheer because of the stitching. Anyway.. I was having some difficulty figuring out what shirt to wear. I wanted to wear a polka dot black and white button down but it was just not working. All the sudden it hit and white stripesss! hell yes. I added a black belt to break up all the blending and I am diggin it.

p.s. sorry for the cursing but that is the way I said it out loud when I was writing this post.. clearly there was a need for some emphasis.