Sep 26, 2011

tell him I'm coming home

photos taken by nicola keenan

hourglass dress
hourglass purse
thrifted scarf
jeffrey campbell shoes

Mannn today was NOT a good day to wear this dress. It was windy and this dress did not want to stay down. Pretty sure I flashed a couple people today but hay a little butt cheek never hurt anyone as my sister said lol When I saw this dress at work I knew I had to have it. The silhouette reminds me of something vintage so of course I bought it.. not to mention I love this emerald green and black print and it has long sleeves with puffy shoulders :) Now lets talk about this bag. When I went into work on sunday I spotted this alexander wang look-a-like. I'll post more detailed pictures of the bag later but it just freaking awesome. I mean I would love the be able to get my hands on the real thing.. but I am a broke college student that gets paid minimal wage, which doesn't bother me until a. wang comes out with his new collection -____-  But hay I prefer thrifted and vintage clothes over a $200 shirt or pants anyday. I get more bang for my buck.. plus I think it is to easy to buy some designer stuff and throw it on and call it fashionable. It's fashionable because it is designer. Going to the goodwill or thrift town sends this crazy sensation through my body when I find something that is so unique.. and in my head I go through the multiple ways to wear it. ahhhhh I need to go shopping soon! Like this scarf.. I mean I almost pooped my pants when I saw it.. I'll never find another like it


  1. oh this dress is so cute!

  2. seriously.. thank you so much for all you comments and love! it really means a lot

  3. I totally agree! I just recently got into thrift shopping and its true the things you find are unique and it makes your clothes more special :)

  4. your purse is BOSS - I'm obsessed