Oct 11, 2011


photos taken by nicola keenan

thrifted top
thrifted skirt
thrifted jacket
bakers sandals

Sooo this is yesterday's outfit.. the reason why I didn't post it was because I felt the clothes didn't photograph well...I was trippn. I really like the colors in all these pictures.. I blend right in with my surroundings. I bought this skirt a couple of months ago and this is the first time I am wearing it. Like I told you guys, I have a weird thing when it comes to the pieces I buy. Some pieces I want to wear right away and others I put away.. waiting for that one morning when it all comes together. I have sooo many treasures you have yet to see.. it is only going to get better. JUST WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER! alllll of hell is going to break lose but in the most fashionable why... OOoo the outfits will be memorable. I might sound a little crazy but my creativity, when it comes to my style, has been suppressed because I only have 1/5 of my closet out here in Mobile. Plus, the thrift stores out here Suckk Ballz. Back in cali I have to stop myself from taking home 40 or more items .. O yea almost everything cost $2 or $3 

P.S. I am finally going to get my hair colored in the up coming weeks. The reason why it took me so long to get it done was because I thought I was going to straighten it a lot more this year and I was going for the ombre look. I only straigthen my hair 4 times this year sooo I will probably straighten my hair next week... then it is a new hair color and new piercing :) 


  1. those shoes are pretty! I just have to know what do you use on your hair? I also wanted to know what piercing your going to get?

  2. Thanks girl! But if you go to the next page or the one after that, I have a post called, "Hair Talk." I go over what products I use and my hair regime. I will also be doing a video soon. And my piercing is a secret lol.. I will show it to you guys in a couple days.