Oct 1, 2011

all night long

pictures taken nicola keenan

hourglass shirt
hourglass dress
h&m bag
target shoes

Clearly I was a walking advertisement for my job yesterday.. everything I am wearing is from work. I didn't plan on wearing head to toe Hourglass, but I could not figure out what to wear with this shirt. I tried on a couple different skirts and pants, but I was just not feeling it. For some reason I decided to throw this dress on underneath and it worked out perfectly. This dress is just pure awesomeness.. love the color and it is also a uniform jersey material, which you can't see (promise to start taking more detailed pics) Speaking of improvements.. I just teamed up with a graphic designer and photographer that I met from the fashion show. His name is Adrian Hollinger and he is pretty awesome! I will do a post later so you guys can meet him. He has a great fashion sense so you will start seeing him on the blog. We have a lot of great ideas.. can't wait to show all you guys :)

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  1. this is a sweet outfit a little bohemian vibe is given off to love that