Oct 4, 2011

better tell him wassup

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted polo
forever 21 jeans
thrifted cardigan
urban outfitters sunnies
steve madden shoes

Man today was a great day! Really relaxing.. spent the whole day with my sister and my friend Tre. We studied, ate a shit load of frozen yogurt, went to Spirit (taking suggestions for Halloween costumes), Best Buy (took lots crazy pictures on the cameras and macs), and the Dollar General. O yea we played some version of the lava game and ran around the car when the light was red. I love days when you just do a whole bunch of random things. This outfit was perfect for our random adventures minus the heels. Buttt look guysss.. I am wearing jeans, a thick polo, and a cardigan! It is starting to feel like cali weather out here.. pretty much get to wear whatever the heck I want! No more sweating like a crazy person when I step outside.. high five! Anyway I really like this outfit today.. these are my comfortable clothes yet they are still stylist. I am really diggn this polo that I found at the goodwill the other day. It is a men's polo and I really like all the different colored horizontal and vertical stripes.  I put on these army green jeans to bring out that onneee green stripe on this shirt. Then I decided to add my new red striped cardi to add contrast to the vertical stripes. Put on a red lip to tie the red into the outfit anddd PRESTO.. today's outfit! 

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