Oct 2, 2011

buckle up, somebody needs you

                                 photos taken by adrian hollinger

                                 thrifted shirt
                                 thrifted skirt
                                 thrifted cardigan
                                 american apparel thigh highs
                                 thrifted scarf
                                 flea market necklace
                                 jeffrey campbell shoes

Today ended in success! I went to two goodwill stores today with Adrian and found lots of great sweaters! What was surprising though.. Adrian went home with more bags than me lol. I was just being really picky today. It is starting to get cold out here and I am soooooo FREAKING HAPPY! I mean I got to wear a cardigan and some thigh highs today.. I was just ecstatic! Anyway.. I guess I loved my grudge look a lot from the dubstep party, so this morning I had another urge to dress a little edgy. I look like a catholic school girl that is known for skipping class and has a mouth of a sailor with this shinny faux leather skirt and 2 and a half inch platforms. I love how this look turned out.. the skirt and shirt are now some of my favorites pieces. The detailing on this shirt is just Awesomeee (I'll post some pics of it tonight or tomorrow) and I love the shinny pleather and the pleats on this skirt. 

P.S. Remember when I told you guys about Adrian.. the awesome photographer and graphic designer.. wellll you can get to know. He is the handsome young man in the previous post! I think you'll like him!

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  1. you look fabulous here! just wanted to say that i love those shoes! you make me want them so badly...i really want to get them i'm just kinda worried they'll make my feet look big because i already wear a size 10 ha! and i also have hair similar to yours and i was wondering how you get yours so big?? it's always hard for me to get my hair to look good because i usually have a bad hair day..but i love yours:) love the blog!