Oct 20, 2011

definitely in my zone

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
forever 21 jeans
thrifted blazer
forever 21 scarf
 thrifted bag

Yess...it's a sliver blazer. My outerwear is my most prized possession and this blazer is my favorite! I have only worn it a couple times just because I don't wont anything to happen to it. I want my closet to be filled with items like this blazer. I need to get rid things that I don't get a lot of use out of anymore. My closet needs to be filled with unique, one of a kind items and that can be worn multiple times. Anyway, I thought of this outfit last night. I have been dying to wear this shirt since I bought it a couple of months ago. I finally got the chance to wear it today and I Love these gold sparkly dots. I thought they would look great these golden brown pants... the pants bring out the color of the dots and my hair. I wanted to add some contrast, so I added my silver blazer and a pale gray scarf. Thank goodness fall is finally here! I went the thrift store earlier to get some warmer items to hold me over until December. I got a lot of great pieces, but some things will remain a mystery until I get home and so I can properly coordinate them. 

P.S. I am no longer getting my hair colored ...well not until I go home. The salon was trying to charge me some ridiculous price and I know at home I can get it cheaper and done by people who know curly hair.. so I am waiting until December. O yea I changed my mind about the piercing as well.. I was going to get my nose pierced but I am liking my plain jane nose so yea


  1. I love the fact that you're not afraid to take fashion risks.You own your style.Great pics.

  2. love the blazer & top!