Oct 8, 2011

details 10-7-12

photos taken by nicola keenan

thrifted shirt
thrifted pants
h&m sandals
h&m bag

You know whats crazy.. I bought these pants a couple of months ago and this is my first time wearing them. Some pieces that I buy just need the right combination and until I get every detail... I keep the pieces in plain site. I sometimes catch myself starting at my closet (I keep the doors open).. sounds crazy but this is how I avoid spending more than an hour getting dressed in the morning. Anyway I got these bad boys at thrift town... can't wait to go home and pick out a new wardrobe from the thrift store. I will be selling a lot of clothes on etsy and the cools to make room for the newbies. I haven't put up anything on etsy yet, but I will start putting up clothing tomorrow. But these gypsy pants were perfect for the weather the other day.. they were dancing in the wind. I paired it with a simple button down, strappy sandals, and a fringe bag. I wore this outfit to work and a lot of people liked it.. these pants are definitely meant for days when you do a lot of walking

P.S. can't wait to show you tomorrow's outfit. I was starting at my closet lol and came up with a unique outfit. I think you'll really like it... and no it's not the outfit in the "sneak peak" post

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