Oct 19, 2011

i dont want you, i want your friend

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
forever 21 jeans
thrifted vest
thrifted blazer
thrifted scarf
thrifted bag
target shoes

Today I got my first taste of cold weather and geesshhh it is superrr windy today. My layers were definitely not enough. I am just hoping and wishing it doesn't get to much colder out here because the thrift stores here are not to my liking. I have a crap load of fall and winter pieces back in cali but I won't be able to get my hands on those until December :( Anyway lets talk about this outfit.. don't really know how this came together... just kind of kept adding until I was satisfied this morning. I played with different shades of blue and brown, and added a white shirt to break up the combination... I like how it turned out. O yeaa.. I am really diggn my socks with heels.. aren't yall excited to start wearing your heels with socks? definitely my favorite fall/ winter trend