Oct 7, 2011

natural lighting

photos taken by nicola keenan

thrifted shirt
thrifted pants
h&m sandals
h&m bag

I really like how these photos turned out. Not to get all spirtual but when I look at these pictures I feel very peaceful. Having this fashion blog is not just about the fashion for me, it is a creative journey. It is crazy to see how much I have grow. Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures when I was young for various reason. Now I am looking at myself on a blog... on the INTERNET! The internet connects billions of every type of human being. Crazy. When I think of my style I think of my artwork. When I was little, I was always drawing. Eventually I started painting in highschool and I loved it! Sadly basketball took up a lot of time when I got to college and the pre recs for art classes at my school were ridiculous. I just wanted to paint, not learn about its history. Why must there always be an explantation for something? Why not just do what you feel based on your feelings and experiences, instead of learning if you feel this way, then this is what these feeling say about you. I feel as like the human race is losing a beautiful gift.. creativity (express of self)! If you begin to love your self, you can begin to accept others and see the beauty in variety. 

P.S. I will explain tomorrow the details behind this outfit with more detailed pics.. gotta see the awesomeness of these pants.


  1. those pants look so comfy and fun

  2. love this post. not just because of those awesome pants lol, but because of those beautiful words.. i feel the same way about my blog & i think creativity is sooo important!
    keep up the great work! =)