Oct 11, 2011

same crap, different day

photos taken by nicola keenan

h&m sweater dress
thrifted jacket
thrifted scarf
thrifted belt
target boots

Today's outfit wasn't special. I had planned on wearing a really cool outfit but I didn't get 3rd day hair (wanted to wear my hair down) and when I looked outside this morning it was raining   -____-  I have zero rain attire (rain jackets are in the mail as we speak) and I own less than 10 pairs of pants.. couldn't figure out what to wear this morning. Didn't feel like spending hellaaa long to get dressed, so I threw this together real quick. I had on a different scarf, which gave this outfit some jazz, but I left it at work.. boooooooo I looked really cute in person though lol I got some compliments sooo it's not as boring as it looks in these pics. Tomorrow's outfit will be a whole lot better.. pinky promise. It will be something worth staring at :)

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