Oct 14, 2011

Sorry I digress

photos taken by nicola keenan

thirfted shirt
zara pants
jc penny's scarf
hourglass handbag

The other night I spent some time styling a couple of outfits. I have a section in my closet that is now designated for pre-styled outfits. Depending on how I feel that morning or what the weather is like, I choose accordingly. It saves time and I find myself being a little more creative with my style choices. I try very hard to show you guys a different type of style, which can be creative expression. My manager told me today that she hated me lol because of the way I dress... she said she wishes she could dress like me. I just started dressing "fashionable" this year. It doesn't matter how many designer brands you own or if you got your hands on the must-have... it is about self-reflection. If you feel confident in what you are wearing, it doesn't matter what you put on (only if you have a sense of style). I am always trying to push my boundaries and wear things that are questionable, but it makes sense because I walk around like it does! Try it! And to those who think I am vain.. I am the complete opposite! Too many women are caught up in the wrong things by trying to be something they are not. It is crazy when you finally realize that women could have a vast amount of power... only if we love ourselves for who we are. Women are taught that we are suppose to love, so why can't we love ourselves? There are billions of people in this world and it is sad to think that there are only a couple thousands of ideals of beauty. Billions versus thousands? Don't you think there should be billions of different forms of beauty.. you should. ... .Sorry I digress. 


  1. Very cool.



  2. Yooo
    i totally agree!!!
    My motto is throw on what makes you happy
    I honestly usually just throw on the first thing I see and maybe make minor adjustments.

    True style is being true to yourself, not what is "expensive" or "in stye" at the moment!

    I'll prolly do my own spiel like this soon!

    check me out ! http://divinerebellion.blogspot.com/

  3. Nice outfit, hair and blog! I so agree with you on this one--everyone should stay true to themselves.

  4. This outfit is sooo pretty!!!
    You are sooo pretty!!!!