Nov 9, 2011

crazy fate

photos taken by tre cole

d.i.y shredded shirt
thrifted skirt
hourglass poncho
hourglass bag
jeffrey campbell shoes

So if you haven't noticed my hair is no longer black :(  A rinse was used instead of a dye so I am back to brown hair. I am just going to wait until I get home to let anyone do my hair. There are a lot of natural hair stylist back in the Bay. Anyway, here is today's outfit... I am glad I wore big layers because it started raining while I was taking pictures. You guys should know this skirt by now... I told you it is the perfect item to mix with another print. I love how everything came together and this shredded tee is my favorite. I need to make every single color because they are just pure awesomeness. 

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