Nov 2, 2011

green giant

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted cardigan
forever 21 jeans
forever 21 scarf
h&m bag
hourglass shoes

I wore this outfit yesterday to school and work, and I love green and this cardigan! I found this cardi at the goodwill, and the color and fringe detailing called my name. I can pair this cardi with blue, orange, or red :) Since I am redoing my wardrobe, I am a lot more picky when buying thrifted merchandise. When it comes to my outerwear, I would like to own almost every color (shades and tints) and the pieces need to be mostly basic so I can wear them with almost anything. This cardi stops my search for green outerwear... for the moment. Anyway, I paired my cardi with my army green jeans, basic gray tank, and an off white scarf. As it gets colder I start to style my outfits around my outerwear... can't wait to show you guys all the great pieces I have at home :)


  1. Hi gorgeous! Have you posted anything about your hair routine? Our hair looks really similar, down to the widow's peak. I live in a humid climate so it's difficult to get my hair big like that WITH keeping the curls intact (it usually turns fluffy/frizzy when big).

    My length is down my back (without shrinkage, haha). Anyhoo, stay fly!


  2. Great outfit. Absolutely loving the cardigan. Oh and gorgeous hair! I saw your feature on UrbanBushBabes :)