Nov 20, 2011

i change clothes when i go see him

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
forever 21 pants
thrifted cardigan
hourglass bag

Some days I am amazed at what I put together, especially when I mix prints. I have found myself obsessed with mixing patterns and wearing bold colors. It is crazy to see how much my style has changed from when I first started expressing myself through my style. I remember when my best friend, Kara, took me to a thrift store for the first time. Now, I love spending hours in the thrift store by myself. You can create such unique looks because almost everything is one of a kind and super cheap :) I can't wait to go home and go thrifting! Alabama thrift store suck.. thats why I am always buying stuff from Forever 21 and work. I bought these faux leather, high-waisted pants from Forever 21 the other day. I have been searching for some. I had a pair of leather pants from the thrift store but they were made out of a weird material and RIPPED! These are awesome and I think they will last until I can buy a good vintage pair. 

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  1. That fringe bag is major! I like your style, saw you on Urban Bush Babes :)