Nov 14, 2011

i'll give you everything you'll ever need

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
hourglass jeans
forever 21 jacket
forever 21 socks
urban outfitters boots

They have had some really cute stuff in Forever 21the past couple of weeks. I walked in there on Friday and spotted this jacket. I mean do I really need to explain why it came home with me that night... didn't think so. I was going to originally wear this jacket with my green jeans, but the jeans where just not the right tint. I was searching through my pile of "what I want to wear" and came across my flower tank that I got from the goodwill. Pastels and flowers will always be such a perfect combination.


  1. lovely floral top!

  2. You are so beautiful! And I absolutely adore your style. You've got it going on!