Nov 6, 2011

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photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
forever 21 leggings
thrifted jacket
forever 21 scarf
target wedges

I went back to forever 21 searching for these and they thought they sold out but.. one pair was left. I love them! I am going to invest in some leggings like this soon. Anyway, I paired my leggings with my sheer lace top added an under-top, then threw my leather jacket over. When I saw this jacket at thrift town for only $5, I almost crapped my pants. It's just perfect :) 

P.S. my outfits from this weekend I will post tomorrow :)


  1. I'm gonna grab a pair of these leggings, they look so hot! I noticed that your hair colour has already faded! i hate when that happens. Anyways, stay beautiful!

  2. Thanks! and Yesss it has faded :( .. I am going to wait a little before recoloring it