Nov 12, 2011

water lillie

photos taken by tre cole

shirt unknown brand
hourglass dress
forever 21 jacket
hourglass necklace
zara bag
nordstrom report signature boots

So I went into work on thursday and every thursday we get in new merchandise. When I laid eyes on this dress I knew I had to try it on. The color is amazing and it is such a simple, beautiful cut. It is a littleeee short, but whatever... it is to awesome to let that stop me from wearing it lol Anyway, I tried out a couple different options with this dress. I tried a sparkly, short-sleeve black shirt underneath, but something was just off. The night before I thought to put this shirt over it. I mean it made sense.. it was pretty much the same material and the same cut. The combination of these two is just great. I threw my new baby (jacket) on. Mannn I have been searching high and low for an affordable leather sleeve jacket. I tried to make one and it is really easy, but I didn't have the proper tools. I bought this jacket on earlier this week from Forever 21.. when I saw this it I knew I had to buy it :)


  1. sweet jacket

  2. Impressed!Everything is great about that outfit! :D