Dec 26, 2011

all mine

photos taken by nicola keenan

betsey johnson gown
hourglass jeans
cotton on cardigan
thrifted jacket
thrifted bag
aldo boots

AHHHHH I had a good little break from blogging... I touched down in the Bay Area last week! I have been celebrating since day one with my friends and I also had a 21st birthday to add to the excitement! Anyway, here is what I wore to do some shopping today. I love this gown that my mom got me for xmas.. it is such a pretty color and the sheer fabric so beautiful. I can't wait until summer comes around so I can wear this by itself. I love wearing flowy pieces and this cardigan looked great with this dress. Clearly this cardigan was only made for tall people because it is only a few inches off the ground when I am not wearing heels but thats why I lovee it!

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