Dec 5, 2011

daydreaming about what i am going to do and when

photos taken by tre cole

forever 21 x diy sweater
thrifted skirt
forever 21 jacket
diy scarf
thrifted boots

Yesterday's outfit came to mind so easily. A cropped top and a maxi skirt always go together so well. I bought this sweater from Forever 21 the other day and had an overwhelming desire to cut it up. I would have liked the fringe to be a little less perfect but because of the material, they wouldn't stretch out... I still loved the way it came out though. I added my polka dot maxi skirt and my furry jacket to makes things a little more interesting. I am really diggn the colors and textures of this outfit. But now I have to finish studying... FINALS START FRIDAY -____- 

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