Dec 26, 2011



I CUT MY HAIR! I cut off about 3 inches last week because my curls were damaged. I believe my curls started to experience damage when I first moved out to Alabama. I should have got my curls trimmed before I went out there, but I didn' t and I wasn't able to find a natural hair-stylist in Alabama to get a cut. Also, I should have changed my hair care routine because the humidity and the harsh chemicals in the water only added to the problem. The combination of all of these things and also me coloring my hair completely changed my curls. They were extremely dry and brittle, and I could not wait to get home to chop off all my hair. My curls were so tangled and matted together that I actually was ripping out chunks of my hair... sooo freaking traumatic blahhh I have been deep conditioning every chance I get and haven't been using any shampoo on my hair. I have also been finger detangling and I twist my hair at night for a protective style. Thankfully when I go back out to Alabama in a couple weeks it will be cold, but I still need to adjust my hair care routine. I will definitely be on the search for some new staple products... if any of you guys have any suggestions on natural products/ retailers in the Bay Area please let me know. I will do a little hair video soon to give you guys a more detailed update :)


  1. First let me say I LOVE the cut. It looks super cute. Our hair is somewhat similar & I would suggest going no cone. I found that since going cone free and not having to use shampoo my hair is A LOT healthier and not as dry and brittle. I also remember in your routine post you said you use the Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo. That used to be my go to shampoo until I realized even though it was "sulfate free" it still dried my hair out. Now I only use no suds shampoos. I am LOVING Curl Junkie Products & highly recommend them. Just a few suggestions :)

  2. Love the cut and I also have hair similar to yours that I have colored. Coloring is no joke and I found it changes my curls BIG TIME! Now I am feeling I need to cut out the color and go back to my natural dark hair just to maintain my curl integrity.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. I just cut mine~! NO MORE SELF DYEING ON MY PART UGH...I used to use shea moisture but it was weighing me down! Now I do mixed chicks leave in conditioner right out the shower! NO TOWEL DRYING, and air dry. IF I BLOW DRY, i must diffuse :D

  4. Danielle, love the cut!!! I love the changes you are making in your routine. All of your changes helped me tremendously in the growth of my hair over the years :)

  5. You cut your hair!! lol Looks awesome !!

  6. love the cut! it looks great on you