Feb 14, 2012

Monday's flashback

photos taken by tre cole

forever 21 x diy sweater 
thrifted skirt
cotton on cardigan
forever 21 hat
thrifted boots

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this Monday morning, which resulted in me being in a weird funk alllll dayy long. I wasn't diggin my outfit, my pictures, or anything and everyone. Well since that is a thing in the past, I decided to go through the pictures that I did take and I like whatever is going on here.. comfy x grunge x boho x a hint of something else Sooo here is a late night post for all my fashion junkies... I am off to bed


  1. I simply love all of your shoes...great collection. I'm new to buying vintage and thrifting.

    What do you think of these boots?


    Could you do an entry on what inspired you to start a blog and how you got started? I would also like to know your secrets for thrifting.

    Your blog rocks!!!!

  2. Hello Steffle.. cool name

    Its hard for me to comment on those boots and give you my opinion because I don't know what your style is or what look you are going for. I couldn't pull those off but that doesn't mean you can't and there are plenty of people who do. Check out jeangreige.blogspot.com and her friends for some inspiration. Or if you want you could email me: everybodydiess@gmail.com.. send me a pic of your style or tell me what look you are going for and I will gladly help you out. Thrifting can definitely be overwhelming but it can be a lot of fun. Sometime in the next two weeks or so I should be able to give you some tips on thrifting and how I got started with everything. I am glad you think my blog rocks... it always makes me happy to read comments like yours