Apr 27, 2012

i think me and you should play


thrifted top
thrifted bike shorts
nordstrom rack cover-up
nine west sandals

Have no idea why my fro is lopsided. I did cut about an inch and a half off last night (that's not why its lopsided) I think I might stick with the short hair for awhile because I want to make sure that my hair is completely healthy before I start growing it out. Also, its almost summer time and don't want to sweat like a crazy woman. Anyway, lately I have been kind of obsessed with matching patterns instead of mixing them. I definitely have a lot of florals so I put some pieces together and I love the different textures and versions of all these florals patterns throw together.


  1. I really like that top mixed with the little cover up thing. It has really cool colors. Haha, also I really like your hair a lot a lot. Lopsided or no. :))

  2. what are you doing to grow your hair out??