May 2, 2012

i don't want your money

photos taken by john ross

h&m tank
thirfted x diy skirt
thrifted belt
thrifted bag

I believe personal style should be constantly changing simply because you are constantly changing. Steer away from the molds and challenge yourself to look different! You can separate yourself from others by just being you. It is a magical thing knowing who you are and loving yourself and most challenges that arrive later will seem very trivial. If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you can easily see how my style changes from day to day... simple and mono-toned like this post or crazy colors and layers. I want to push boundaries and explore my sense of comfort with myself. Be your own inspiration... I have been receiving a lot of interest from fashion websites wanting me to advertise there name and clothes. With each application, I have noticed that I simply cannot answer these typical questions.. who is my favorite designer, clothing brand, style icon or fashion trend. I am a thrifter and will always be. Mainstream fashion turns me off a lot because literally everyone looks the same and they encourage people to look they same to increase their profits. I see fashion as an art, not a business adventure. I refuse to have my blog covered with advertising unless it actually somewhere I shop... I don't want your money, I want to show yall the beauty in yourselves. Let your personality be the main thing that shines through your outfit :) 


  1. ditto honey dip dit toe


  2. Hey Danielle, I just wanted to cut in and tell you that I LOVE your style, your blog, your hair and even your friends! Sorry to sound like a creeper, but I check this site everyday because you just seem like a really chill, free-spirited, fun person.

    I big on leaving comments on blogs (usually feels pointless), but I just wanted to say hi, and tell you I really enjoy your posts! :-)


    1. HELLLOOOO STACEY! lol I am pretty sure you are not a creeper because I do the same thing to some of my readers. But thank you.. its means a lot and ensures me that I am not wasting my time. I read all the comments that are written so they are not pointless... if you felt the need to write it down or say it is never pointless :)

  3. Great blog post! Love your hair! I like how clean your site is anyways - no need for advertisement clutter.

  4. you're such a gorgeous person, Your looks and your personality,
    Im inspired, keep up the good work , i love your blog xxx

  5. Thank you all you beautiful ladies for your support... I want to do a give-a-way very soon (need to get rid of some vintage stuff) :)

  6. I agree with the fact that the style should constantly change. Great post.

  7. i think your opening statement is one of the truest things i've read and totally agree with it!
    i love your hair by the way!
    Mantenso xx

  8. Sosososo cool.
    great post.