Jun 4, 2012


photos via instagram

Hello beautiful people just letting you know that I will be MIA until June 14th. I am heading up to Bonnaroo this Wednesday (if you see me just yell at me and just a heads up, I am a hugger) After Bonnaroo I am heading back to Cali for good or until I find somewhere better. I will be documenting every single moment at the festival.. lots of fashion, good vibes, and new friends, so bare with me through my absence. I can't wait to show you all of my DIY festival fashion! I will not be posting, but if you want to see what I am doing this week check out my instagram: @dani_vicc     Also my boo thang John Ross will be capturing all the awesomeness as well... boo thang's instagram: @jrtea


  1. Have Fun at Bonnaroo! I'm jealous!! Can't wait to read about your fun times and fashions when you come back :-)

    And have a safe transition back home!