Sep 20, 2011

feeling froggy

photos taken by nicola keenan

h&m shirt
thrifted vest
thrifted jacket
thrifted boots

LKAEFusjdnvilqwu! I am sooo happy today was over. It was just one thing after another.. today was my first day at work and my shift was right after class. I wanted to study for a test sooo I was all stressed out about that and trying to figure out when the heck I was going to take some pictures (my moto: no outfit shall go undocumented) I want to take this blogging thing seriously because I refuse to let me dreams die. Anyway after being at work for 6 hours and 3 creepy guy encounters I am finally relaxing.. enjoying posting. I love the grunge, edgy look.. sort of badass. If I still had all my piercings I am sure I would look a little more badass.. lol My friend Derrick (currently in cali :( I want to carry him in my pocket) dresses grunge and super edgy and he explained why. He simply put it this way.. or something on the lines of this: I present myself with piercings in my face, tattoos, and wear clothing that might be considered unpresentable only because I want to meet the people who are willing to see beyond that.. and that's exactly why I got his number, plus he has amazing hair. That is the way I try to dress everyday.. unpresentable to my peers who think why the heck does she get dressed to come to class everyday (here in alabama NOOO one has any fashion sense), unpresentable to teachers and adults who can sometimes see all my under garments.. I'm simply expressing myself and it's difficult for people to come up to me because they think I am this and that.. No I am not. I exude confidence because I am simply feeling my outfit...feeling myself.. it's art to me. Gotta be confident about your artwork!


  1. With as gorgeous as you are, I don't think anyone would have any difficulty seeing past your efficiently-fabricated grunge.

  2. I totally agree with what you wrote. It's amazing how people have absolutely NO IDEA of what fashion is about, and you have adults judging you just because you're wearing heels!(as if you were not old enough!)..just keep yu head high baby <3
    Can't wait to see the fashion show pictures anyway.