Sep 18, 2011

snakes, HUGE bugs and alligators, o my

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
thrifted shorts
thrifted cardigan
thrifted purse
target shoes

My school has one of the biggest campuses I know off... its like 3 by 4 miles long nooooo forreal, it is. It has two lakes on campus that they preserve for the biology department and this is one of them. The south has a different beauty than the mountains of California... the swamps are so cool and although I hate all the freaking giant bugs that attack me everyday they are truly beautiful. I see hundreds of dragonflies everyday and hear all types of crazy noises coming from the trees but its so cool. Anyway this is my "sunday's best" and I love it. This outfit popped into my head last night right before I was about to go to sleep.. ooo mann did I have a hard time falling asleep because I wanted it to be morning so I could put this on lol (yes I know that sounds crazy) This cardigan was purchased at the goodwill the same day as my polka dot skirt.. I'm seeing a trend with all these circles lol (I wont bore you with my whole spiritual talk) This cardi is a bit big but there was no wayyy I was leaving it at the store! I have been dying to own something like this and its just PERFECT! I am sooo in love lol


  1. that color blue is my fave and I like the print on the cardigan

  2. the outfit looks great on you. I love the shoes for myself. I have to go to Target. :)