Dec 7, 2011

i don't like closed mouths

photos taken by tre cole

thrifted shirt
thrifted pants
j. crew cardigan
thrifted belt
h&m bag
thrifted boots

HOLY CRAP.. this wind out here is tearing my ass up. It's currently 38 degrees and really windy. I have been trying to hold off of on purchasing clothing or boots for this weather out here because I have so much stuff at home that would be perfect...sooo I guess I have to suck it up until I go home next weekend!!!! I am soooo freaking excited to go back to cali for the xmas break because Alabama is not the place for me, which I'll tell you later about. Anyway, today I layered like crazy and wore some thick suede pants. I definitely prefer pants over jeans any day.. maybe its because you can add layers underneath them, they're extremely comfy, and I just like them better. Now that I have these awesome suede pants, I need to start hunting for some loose fitting leather ones... can't wait to do some thrift store shopping at home!

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  1. Hello, love your blog and tumblr :)
    just wanted to know what you use to tie your hair up in, my hair has just been long enough to do a decent ponytail like yours but the elastic band is ripping out my hair! not cool! any tips?