Dec 11, 2011

sneak peak

photos taken by tre cole

Me and my sister had a lot of fun the other day taking pictures together so we decided to hang out and take some pictures before I had to go to work. I wore this outfit to work, minus my stripper heels from Bakers. I styled my sister's outfit..she said she wanted to wear my vintage skirt and I suggested she wear a graphic tee and a hoodie because her style is very urban. And of course I love the socks and heels trend so she wore her navy socks with my Steve Madden platforms. Check back tomorrow and I will post the rest of pictures and outfit details... I have to study for finals. BLAH


  1. you guys are super gogre, good luck studying!


  2. I'm LOVING the outfits and hair ladies!So chic and feminine!

  3. those shoes are giving me life

  4. effortlessly cool! shoes shoes shoes

  5. You ladies are stylish and very gorgeous!