Feb 14, 2012

i have a new spell to cast

photos taken by tre cole

h&m maxi
nordstrom rack wrap cardigan
thrifted cover up
thrifted scarf
hourglass necklace

Mannnn I can remember a time when the only colors I owned and wore were neutrals. Now I like to be as bright and obnoxious as possible. It's very easy to make mistakes when mixing colors and you can easily start looking like a little kid who just learned how to dress themselves. If you ever need help figuring out what colors go best together, look at the color wheel. It is used mostly by beginner painters to help them master color theories. You would be surprised that colors actually have particular pairings and this helps the painting to look more harmonious. There are pairings called compliments, split-complements, analogus, and some others ones that I can't remember. Check them out.. I am wearing compliments (purple and orange) Have fun mixing and matching...

P.S. For all of my natural curly hair beauties, I know some of you might be wondering why I have been wearing head scarves almost every single day. Well the weather out here is way to bipolar for my hair. It is always extremely hot or cold, windy and raining, and I want my hair to be happy and healthy, not just look kinda good. Sooo I vowed to myself until I moved back to cali this summer, that I will wear my hair in protective styling 4-5 days out of the week... if not longer. This allows my hair to retain moisture and keep it from getting extremely frizzy, dry, and tangled. Every other day I am adding moisture by soaking my ends in water and sealing them with oils. I can tell you already, with one week in, my hair feels completely different... it is soooo soft and shinny. I think I'll wear it down tomorrow :)

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